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Most Visited Trade Fair Venues Worldwide

Human civilizations have always traded with each other as far back as historical records go. Travel routes expanded cities and even created new ones altogether. For example, the Silk Route resulted in the appearance of Aleppo. Other important metropolises whose origins were humble trading posts include Malacca and Timbuktu. The movement of goods and services has always happened. For thousands of years, there has been one version of trade fairs or another across the world.

 It is at the beginning of the Middle Ages that trade fairs began to resemble their modern version. It was a period when fairs and markets would open during holy days and gather the whole community in one place. Usually, these events took place in churchyards or the outskirts of town. It was quite later that trade fairs would have dedicated spaces for their hosting. One of the earliest examples of this is the Leipzig Trade Fair in Germany. Its event space dates to the early 12th century.

Top Venues

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